Love is a gift for present to build the future

I’ve been longing on about the last 3 days for writing something really deep, and at last I got the reason I needed to write. This time I won’t talk about my own feelings, but someone else’s that I care so much for, which the sadness is my own sadness and joy is my own joy.

It’s not a weird thing that when we break up with someone we love so much and so deeply, we spend some years trying to figure out what we’ve done so much wrong that the things could end up like that. I can say that I myself even feel like this sometimes when I think about my last relationship. Since I’ve broken up my last relationship, I didn’t get any lasting relationship anymore, and it was about 4 years ago. So darling, I understand you completely. He got a new girlfriend and they are together untill now, that one you loved is now getting ready for a very important new chapter on her life. I’ll probably feel a little stranger when I get the new that my last bf is getting married or something like. In your case, I can understand that, for the much you loved her, you’d love to be part of that chapter in her life now.

But if you allow me to share with you something I’ve learned on these last years, and that I’ve learned with you, sweetheart, I can tell you that the love is so much beautiful to be wasted with the past, to be wasted with the things that didn’t work. You were the one that has taught me that we must never give up because we’re loved, and now, right now I say it to you. Not that you’re giving up on something, but just because I know how these things hurt, and because I can feel it. I can feel what hurts you and your pain is my own pain.

Love is the most wonderful treasure we can get from Heaven, and once it is given to us, it’s not to be kept, but to be given to others, and that’s why, about 4 years ago I’ve choosen giving my love to you, being returned or not. These selfish people, who have hurt us, they’re not worthy of our best gift that was spreaded on us to enjoy the present and to dream of  a beautiful and wonderful future, and not only dream of it, but build it with our own hearts and hands. And do you want to know a funny thing, sweetheart? These ones, they’ll never be able to understand it. Do you know why? Because they don’t know what does mean loving someone. They can not love even themselves! And you can just see it so clearly by their actions.

So, my dearest one, don’t feel disappointed anymore, because what’s being prepared for you and me is so much bigger and beautiful than anything good they are living now. The solid and lasting things are built on the harder and longer way. That’s why they take so much time and tears, but at the end we will know, and we shall see, it was worth it.  Every rough moment, every tear droped, and, why not, even every doubt. It was all worth! Just look ahead, darling and see the light that is waiting for us.  See all the love that is building our dreams and future and see it all comming true on the mean time.

Love is a gift given to us to enjoy the present and to build the future. And I love you, with all my heart and soul.


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