Worshiper Heart

Dear Lord,

In this morning I’m so greateful for your Love. Not only this morning, Dad, but every days. I’m so sorry that all the time I make mistakes and I’m not what You has planned me to be, and that’s why I need You, Lord!

Daddy, sometimes I feel so distant, so far from the Way, but I thank you because I know You are with me wherever I am, and You never let me fall in the darkness, even if sometimes I am so blind that can’t see Your Light.

I thank You, Lord, for Jesus and for the Salvation He has bring to me dying in my place on that cross on Calvary. I thank You, Lord, because YOU are my everything, even sometimes everything I think or see is just with my human mind and eyes. And above all, I thank You, because for JESUS, I can call You MY DAD. And I’m missing so much being at Your House, I’m missing so much to be at HOME… I miss being at Your Holy Presenceas often as I used to be…

Please, my Beloved Daddy, bless my family, my sister, my mom, and all my relatives and to those ones that hadn’t the chance of trying Your Powerful Love yet, please, may they get a meeting with You. Bless all my friends around the world, and thank you for have given them to me! They are the most precious gift I’ve got from you, especially Josh, Dad. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what are the plans You have for me, but I trust You. Even I feel nothing will work out, I TRUST YOU and I know, You’re mighty to do anything much more than we can even think. And not because this is our desire, but because YOUR PLANS are much bigger than ours.

Thank you, Lord, for Your Grace and Love.


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