The day I fell in love…

The only good thing of my emotional storm season is that I get so inspired for writing… I know my life isn’t such an interesting thing for anyone, but I still like to share it with whomever wants to know about it… It’s not one of the most safe things to do, but anyway… That’s what I am, and I hope it makes difference to someone someday…

Maybe I should watch this video more times, just to remember the precious feeling that have fulfilled my heart when I saw it by the very first time, but, it’s so special to me that I carry it up in my heart, every days, even when the colors of that beautiful day are a little bit shaded sometimes…

Why am I writing this? To say the truth I don’t even know myself, I just felt the need of writing this… Maybe to keep on mind that everything is possible in this life? Maybe to calm my heart down and remember that we’ve came together so far? Maybe just to let you know that I keep loving you after these 3/4 years, since I’ve seen this video? Maybe just to let you know that even when I feel insecure, jealous, angry, sad, upset or whatever, I just can’t stop loving you deep and sincerely on my own way?

I really don’t know why am I writing this… I just felt the need to remember that… That… Maybe I just felt the need to remember myself that if a miracle happens, it is complete, it doesn’t matter the time that it takes to com true, it is complete.

It’s not easy, sweetheart, dealing with inassurances, anxiety, expectations that you don’t know if they will ever be real, or at least sometimes you don’t think so… To have to deal with the feeling that it’s missing a piece of yourself… And… in the day I fell in love with you, I’ve never thought it would last this much, and… If I’m not feeling wrong… maybe it can last even more… So divine… So human… So superficial like a fairytale, but so deep…

So many seasons have already come and go… And it doesn’t matter if I want or not, I keep loving you… Someitmes I wish to hate you, yet, I keep loving you so deeply…

Dream of my heart and beloved of my soul.


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