Deep Love

I’m thinking of writing about this since 3 days ago, but the words just didn’t come up to me on the way I wanted or needed to express this feeling.

I was wondering, on the last days if was it possible that you could feel exactly the things I feel, I mean, like I could feel precisely what you’re feeling and you could feel precisely what am I feeling and yesterday I just found out that this conection is more real than I could really ever imagine. Sometime before, all I had to know it and believe it was really like this, was only the feeling. And now you left me know it, now you allow me to know your heart. And I heartly thank you. You have no idea of how is heaven to me, everytime I can know what’s passing by your mind and heart, I mean, not to have to be guessing anymore… And not exactly guessing, because somehow I’ve always known that there was something going on, but I just never could get figure it out, but now it is possible and I really thank you for this. Don’t you think it amazing?

I mean, you have your own days and I have mine too, you’ve been always supporting me on my days, but you’ve never allowed me to support you on your days… And that used to hurt me. But now, not anymore. It’s good to feel that I’m near enough of your heart that I can truly understand you, even if it’s not exactly clear for me. It’s good to feel that I’m near to your heart enough to be wherever you are even althought I’m far away…

Sometimes it is scary, don’t you think? Yes I know… I don’t know what about you, but as for me, I’m always wondering how many peoples in the whole world have had any chance to experience what we’re experiencing… Just indescritible! Sometimes it hurts because we wish to be near but we’re far away, sometimes it makes us happy because we know that not even the distance is able to keep us separated… Sometimes it is hard because we can not figure out how can it be possible to love someone we’ve ever met, but sometimes it’s just heavenly to know that it IS POSSIBLE no matter whatever people can say…

True love is such a mystery… I thought that I’ve got learn so many things about love, but this one was simply the most incredible, the most fascinating and the most divine experience I’ve ever had. Like God was just keeping our minds together on His hands, and even althought a little difference of timming, we’re still thinking the same thing, feeling the same thing, being one. Because it’s what really feels like: feels like we’re one. One mind. One heart.

And while you hope I understand you through the silence, I hope you can read beyond my words and feel what do I feel,  I hope you to SEE ME. I hope you to TOUCH MY SOUL. Because for my whole life, the only thing I’ve been dreaming and longing for is to find someone really able to see my world as it is, and to feel it just the way I feel. And you were the only one who was able to get it.

You’re so careful. I’m so crazy. You keep your heart protected. I open mine too much. You’ll teach me how to protect mine, and I’ll teach you how to open yours. And like this, TOGETHER, we’ll reach the balance.

Impressive, don’t you think?


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