It was one of the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen. Today’s morning was lovely, charming, and my heart was singing.

About 09:30 a.m. Vocal Techniques teacher almost couldn’t give us the lessons, sirens were screaming each 5 minutes outside. I teased saying that they didn’t wanted us to have lessons… Well… Somewhere else someone really didn’t want children to have classes.

I’ve never thought I could someday see something like that happening on my own country. Happening at my home… The place is out os my sight. I don’t know not a person that has lived this tragedy. BUt they’re my compatriots. They live in the city where I was born. Children. Parents.

Families destroyed for a sick mind, lost in the myths of religions, lost in his own world and thoughts. A sick mind, that absolutely nobody could guess what kind of madnesses were fulfilling it.

Lunch time, and I just hear the cleaning woman talking about an attack that has happened to a school. I just thought it was just anothe case of urban violence. I had no dimension of the tragedy. My soul feels like crying, but my eyes don’t shed a tear. Too much shocked.

Never thought I’d see such a thing happening so near of me. Used to hear this kind of news only from other countries…

I am so shocked that I feel all of my strenghts just leaving me. Breatheless. Speachless. Not a tear falling. And not for absence of feelings. JUst for a so deep hurt for the families that not even a tear is able to show my support for them. I can only send my prayers and my deep feelings for these families.



  1. as i read you post, i imagined the words flowing from the photo of the stone angel…. may the force be with you!


  2. May the Lord give them peace and comfort… I can’t even begin to imagine the pain the families are going through.


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