Premonition – A Calling to Pray

Have you ever felt in your heart an irrational fear that you hadn’t any idea where it was comming from and you thought it was conected to a personal problem of you, and yet it couldn’t explain exactly the reason of what you were feeling? For the second time in two weeks that has happened to me.

The first time it was last week, precisely on March 3th, between ten a.m. and four p.m. I got my heart so small and then I sent a message to my friend @TiciaEvans asking: Why wtih this big victory I got, I feel my heart so small like this? She gave me a reason that really made sense for the situation I was living, and then the day after I was enjoying my happiness, when about six p.m. I got the new I lost a friend in a car crash. I got in shock and for 3 days I cried for my friend. I felt something was happenning but I hadn’t any idea of what was it.

Last night was precisely the same thing. I got sad and scared, and I thought that it was for something conected to my life… So, I’ve talked to a very, very good friend by e-mail, and he has asked me what was getting me scared… My first thought was to say: I really don’t know, but I hadn’t any courage… Then we’ve talked about things of my life… And he got to calm me down… And that happened precisely one hour before the huge quake that has affected the japanese coast.

I wouldn’t say it is exactly a premonition, but it means that it doesn’t matter wherever you are, you can always feel when there’s something wrong in the air… I hadn’t any idea of what was happenning in Japan the only thing I know is that while the earth was trembling there, my heart was too squished, and I couldn’t figure out why. I’ve tried to find the reasons in my personal history, on my usual conflicts… And they couldn’t explain my agony.

In both cases, my friends got calm me down… Because I thought it was really something silly from my side. But after this day, the only thing I can tell you is: IF FROM NOTHING YOU GET SAD OR AFRAID OR SCARED AND ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL REASONS TO FEEL LIKE THIS DON’T EXPLAIN ANYTHING AT ALL, KEEP ALERT: SOMEONE MUST BE NEEDING SO MUCH OF YOUR PRAYERS ON THAT TIME. AND TALK ABOUT THIS TO SOMEONE. AND IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHY, DON’T TRY TO FIND EXPLANATIONS ON YOUR PERSONAL REASONS. Otherwise, you must be prived to understand what is really happenning.

This is not an ability to preview the future. This is the sensibility to know that others are needing you even if it is just to pray for them, because “the prayer of an innocent person is powerful and can help a lot”.

So, right now, my thoughts, feelings and prayers are completely for those peoples in Japan, their families and friends. May God have mercy of all of us and bless us with his lovely protection.


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