My Heart Was Home Again


It was just one word, but it meant the world to me. It feels like all those years waiting are worth. It feels like I’ve been really right for all this time. It feels like a dream can really come true.

It feels like the most precious treasure on earth is mine.

And it’s so incredible, because this morning mom said to me a thing that got me surprised. And you know… comming from her it also means the world. Because with time I learnt to trust when she says something from nothing that she hasn’t the least idea of how much I was needing to hear it. I guess my good intuition I got from her.

And tonight… Well, tonight I got a shoot I was yearning for 3 years. One only and direct word that could make me understand what have been happening for all this time and now I guess I can figure it out better. These days I was remembering how everything has begun… So sweet times… When I used to feel you so close that I could almost touch you.

And this word broke up this time in two. Yes. It got clear what shall be only in the remembrance and what is about to come. But the sweetness is the same one. And it couldn’t be different. Time shall pass, life shall change, but the love, the true one, that never change. EVER.

Wow… I… I don’t have words to describe how I’m feeling… Just like in the very beginning when I was always trying to find words that nobody else could say to you… lol That very first feeling I had, that I would love you anyway, even if I just saw you acrossing the street, I would fall in love with you anyhow.

Well, now I know the time is really comming. Holding on the anxiety and the expectation isn’t such an easy thing, but I promise I’ll try with all my strenghts keep being patient. I don’t know if I get control the temperamental girl I am… BUt if you can love me althought this, well, that’s ok to me…

Well, honey, but in the love game, there’s one detail I thing you forgot, baby. IN the game of love, there are no winners or losers. Just like there are no reaons or explanations to love. THE LOVE IS, and that’s all.

There’s only one mind, one heart and one spirit. And this is what keep us united.

So… “Then I saw your face across the street and my heart was home again…”

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