Birthday Gift – To @joshgroban

A very special date is coming
What could I give to him?
It’s my beloved’s birthday,
So it must to be great, surprising…
A totally unforgetable gift!

What if I gave him the joyful sun?
Maybe the rain and its silver drops…
What about the rainbow?
And those so poetic colors…
Perhaps the stars and their dreamy sparks!

Should I give the sea,
With its mysterious legends?
Who knows the forest full up of birds?
Or the mountains,
In all their proud imponence?

Gosh! What a hard thing to find a gift
That fits precisely everything he means to me…
These things are so big,
Too difficult to wrap!
Would he mind if I give a simplier thing?

This one is far smaller than the others
And not that glamourous as well…
But if he asked me I would give it
With no hesitation at all!


It’s the only thing I have to give…

So, if he doesn’t mind…
I won’t give such expensive gifts.
I won’t give him the universe,
Or any wealth that money can buy.

I’ll give… a little piece of me:

I will give my heart!

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros.
Itaboraí, February 25th, 2011.


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