The Sea and the Mountain

I am the sea…
Sublime and enchanting.
With my waves’ sound I sing love songs
To warm the hearts of those whose are in love.

He is the mountain.
His heart is strong as diamond
The wind doesn’t bother him even for a moment
And the sun enlightens him like fire.

Me, the sea,
I am unstable, unpredictble,
Impetuous and unforgettable…
And I keep inside me a dream that seems impossible.

He, the mountain,
Is so strong and consistent
Shows me a permanent faith
In the Creator, which plans never fail.

Me, the sea,
So moving and fascinating
I love the mountain that’s so firm and constant
With such a tender and untiring love.

He, the mountain,
He shelters the flowers of my submerse garden
The life that springs from my soul in every verse
Under his heart’s impenetrable fortress.

Is it possible that sea and mountain can love themselves?
The Creator is the only one who can answer this…
Because, even the sea’s waves
Beat against the mountain with a strondous sound
And it resists with its diamond strengths
In the Spirit’s depth the harmony is from a dream
And that union, no man can understand.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Written in Itaboraí, January 6th, 2003
Translated in Itaboraí, February 17th, 2011



  1. Whether the sea or the mountains; all are ultimately the creation of the lord. We need each other, join and create synergy. Soft liquid bodies are supported, given shape and path; through the hard tough boudaries. Lol, they can love. They are in love, at the bottom.—–That is nice and thought provoking poetry.


  2. Gata, parabéns!

    Seus poemas são muito lindos! Adorei cada um deles!

    Quando lançar o livro vou querer uma cópia!!!!!!! E lança mesmo, que o Ma falou que você estava meio em dúvida.

    Meus parabéns gatíssima!



    • Oi, Paloma!!!

      Obrigada pelo incentivo! Na verdade a dúvida maior é na seleção dos poemas… tem muita coisa e os mais antigos eu olho pra eles e torço o nariz! heheh O Marquinhos me fez o favor de me dar um gás e eu acabei decidindo colocar a mão na massa e começar a fazer a seleção e possivelmente a tradução dos poemas em inglês para o português.

      Devo lançar alguma coisa ainda este ano.


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