A “Higher Window” Day

The love’s perfection is being imperfect.

He doesn’t deserve my love. He doesn’t care at all for my feelings, he’s such a coward that is protected while I’m all exposed to the world. These were my words all day long and the conclusion of every painful tear that I have shed these last weeks.

But the love does not make sense if you try to see it with the reason’s eyes… It doesn’t make sense when you try to think with your head and not with your heart, it doesn’t make sense with the whole world screaming at your ears and telling you what do you must or must not to do.

You just get figure out the love when you get just shut up the world and even your own heart and let the silence speaks louder. Then, and only then, you’ll get to know what do you really must to do. But this doesn’t mean it will be the easier thing to do. It doesn’t mean you will just stop crying or hurting. I dare say it’s quite opposite.

I always said that the love is like a jewel. The gold to get pure, must to be burned at the highest temperatures to be purified. The gemstones, to shine and bright must to be cutted and dilacered to show up their light. Nobody said that these processes don’t hurt. And they’re not easy at all. I’ve already worked at a jewerly, so I know how does it work.

Now you must to be asking yourself, why a “Higher Window” day?… Just because I would recognize this feeling it didn’t matter whatever I was thinking. I would get know this feeling even I was touching the most dreadful hate that someone can have towards another person… And I would always know that “are times like this when all we need is to be reminded, because there’s a light from a higher window, shinning down on us tonight and the music floats on the breeze bringing an easier time…”

I would know the comfort of these words and I would always know, just like I always knew where did they come from… I’d never forget this feeling, even with the biggest effort I’d do to get this…

If you want to understand this, so, instead reading it with your mind, try reading it with your heart…

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros

Itaboraí, February 12th, 2011.


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