Unconditional Love

I’m not sure if I’ve been really liking the way my best blog posts have been born… First a pain in the heart like the pregnant’s about to give light, but let’s go… As usual I’m gonna post something about my favorite subject: LOVE. The element that moves the universe, that brings some sense to life and reason for what life is life.

Have you ever been loved with an unconditional love?

I’m gonna tell you this is the most incredible feeling you can taste in your life. And you can feel it from miles and miles of distance! It’s just indescribable… It takes your breath, your words away, and you can just face the troubles before you with the strengths it gives to you. Have you ever felt the protection, safety and warmth that it brings to you when you feel completely alone and lost? Have you ever felt that someone is really, but really willing to give to you everything he is, and even give his life for you?

This is true love. A love that doesn’t lie. A love that is clear like the daylight, a love that isn’t hidden in the darkness. This is true love. A love that brings happiness and does not mistake the heart. This is the love that shares the God’s essence, because God loves us, one by one, unconditionally, and doesn’t expect nothing from us. HE just asks: Do you wanna be loved? And invites: Let Me love you then.

This is the Christ’s love for the church. The love willing to go until death.

And between 2 people, the unconditional love is willing to let go, for the beloved one’s happiness. And not only let go, but to help to reach it. Not caring if it will hurt the own heart or not. It’s not possessive, it’s not a burden, ain’t an illusion. It’s real. It’s tangible. It’s concrete. It brings assurance and not fear. It brings peace and not suffering. It works together and build together… It tells always the truth.

And when it touches your heart, it changes your life. FOREVER.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Itaboraí, February 3rd, 2011.



  1. Parabéns!!!

    Muito bom…

    Ah, e o melhor momento para se escrever é justo quando o coração pede… portanto você já começou bem!


    • Muito obrigada! Eu já fui de escrever mais, porém ultimamente só escrevo mesmo depois de uma explosão emocional… Dói um bocado, a sensação é exatamente a q descrevi no primeiro parágrafo e embora eu não tenha filhos, a gente insitntivamente sabe como é…


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