Life is About Taking Risks – The time’s effects

I believe my friends remember about the guy that has taken my sleep… Well… Personally he was truly a gentleman… Sadly we weren’t looking at the same direction… So, his life is taking a way that will blow him far away from me, and there’s quite some days we don’t talk anymore. I know I’ve made some mistakes like calling every day and sendind sms messages to him. For one side it was a relieve to set me free of him, but…

Would you believe me if I said that I miss him?

He was the only one that got take my mind and my thoughts just for him… And, I dare say I could really love him… But I don’t think something like that will happen between us. This is not his wish. And as everybody knows, love is a 2 handed way.

I knew another guy, for coincidence he has the same name as this one, I’ll meet him tomorrow. Christian, dedicated to family, a fine man I dare say… But yesterday I was out of my mind because I was expecthing to dream of this one in my sleep but dreamed of someone else and I don’t need to say who.

But today I woke up missing the gentleman so much… Wish I could call him but it will not be the best thing to do… It was good to feel for someone real the way I felt, and I still feel for him… Sadly it was for the wrong person, though…

What do I have against the guy I’ll meet tomorrow? He is precipitating the things too much. I’ve tried to tell it to him yesterday, but he got upset with me… Maybe I woke up missing “the gentleman” because I just got how did he feel towards me…

In opposite of what some people may think about me in the matter of my infatuation for Mr. Groban, I’m doing my best to heal my heart and mind. The point is just that I don’t get ignore some facts, and I don’t deal fine with the doubt.

But you know what?… I’d give anything to have a lunch again with that gentleman and enjoy his company… I can not believe that I really miss him.

Unfortunately the men in general just think with the wrong head…


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