Not This One


What a tricky little thing, don’t you think?

Have you ever loved someone so deep that it didn’t matter wherever you were, you heart was still beating on the person’s heart measure? Have you ever needed a faith beyond your comprehension to know that this love was the true one? Was that feeling so strong that your soul knew when you were making a mistake?

Crazy, isn’t it? Yes… I do think so too…

Since the end of last year I’ve opened my heart again to meet and get know people. With the hope of finding someone that could make me see, or at leats get sure, that this whole feeling I’ve mentioned above is just a thing from my mind, some product of my imagination. Four months after, none positive result.

So, here am I, back to the point I left. Trying to manage fine my feelings and to put my head in order. I’m glad because now I’m mature enough for not having tears exploding on my face everytime something doesn’t work as I’d like to. But stressed enough with the care for don’t hurting nobody’s feelings. The sad thing is that not everyone has the same care about you, you know… But anyway, if you know what’s the right thing to do, then you must do it, because the consequences of a wrong choice might make someone suffer for the rest of their lives. So, if I know I have a problem my own, I won’t submit someone else to the suffering for my own troubles.

But this isn’t an easy decision. And the choice I’ve done will take time untill I get see the good result of it. Or the bad. Untill then, I don’t have so much I can do to change the facts. For don’t saying I have absolutely nothing I can do to change this.

The only thing I can do is just keep living, and praying that my heart isn’t guiding me wrong.

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