This is one of the MOST INCREDIBLE experiences I’ve ever had!!!!

Everybody knows my point of view about homossexuality. I don’t agree with it and I don’t think it is a natural thing. This is what I DO THINK about it. BUT…
This doesn’t mean that I simply reject the ones who have choosen this way for their lives, and tonight a girl came to me and said that I’m a loving woman. I got surprised with this. Hearing it from men is usual to me, sometimes even tiring I dare say, but it’s quite strange comming from a girl.
But you know… It’s not about her choices or her life I wanna talk. This post is just about what just happened to me and HOW GOD can use you when you think you’re so far away from His presence. That girl told me things she has never told to nobody. When she came and talked to me, she thought I would reject her. But I told her I’ve decided to follow JESUS. I told her my thoughts about her choice, but I said to her it wouldn’t keep me from talking to her if she wanted truly a friend. And told her that Jesus wouldn’t ever reject her, even he doesn’t approve her conduct.
I can tell you, IT’S SO UNSPEAKABLE when you feel that GOD is taking your mind and heart and guiding you to make difference in someone’s life. She said to me 2 things I’ll never EVER forget in my life! When I told her that I hope she knew that I couldn’t give her what she probably could expect from me, she answered: “I’d never ask from GOD what does belong to HIM. That has touched my heart from a way that I’m speachless untill now. I was a seminarist. I should be a musician minister in some church by now. Instead I left the seminary for working, I’ve tried to come back, but then it didn’t make any sense to me anymore. I’ve been away from the way I thought I should be following for so long. I’ve been feeling guilty for that… The second thing was the way she told me I’m her christmas gift. To feel that the only thing she needed was just a true friend, and that I could be that friend was really a blessed thing.
And tonight God has just shown me that absolutely NOTHING can run away from HIS perfect control. I told her somethings about me, and that if those things have never happened, probably we wouldn’t ever know us. Probably if somethings haven’t happened in my life like they did, I’d never be able to stop and listen to this girl and make her feel she is loved, even by a stranger.
I am really grateful to God because it doesn’t matter how are YOU feeling. HE never leaves you even when you think you’ve left HIM. And that not because we deserve it, but because HE LOVES US. And it’s our duty to spread THIS LOVE around the world. Even althought our own imperfections and failures.

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