Life is About Taking Risks

Well, since yesterday I’m trying to find the words to share with you the incredible experience I had. Lets begin saying that in the night before yesterday I hardly got sleeping, not as usual, everybody knows that it’s quite hard I get sleep, but it was for a different reason.

The last 2 months have been a moment of readaptation to the reality, considering that I’ve been closed for the world for almost 2 years. But since I got a new heartache those last 2 weeks and I’m not a girl of keep crying for someone for so long I’ve decided to check out other possibilities and then have decided lurk at a site I’ve registered by accident and hated. So, on this site I knew a guy. He has visited my profile and while I was lurking on this photos, he was talking to me and I didn’t realize it. We’ve begun talking by msn and… Well… online he was the kind of guy I’d block and delete imediately. He gave me his phone number, we’ve talked sometimes, but I’ve decided deleting it. And deleted… But then I thought, well, maybe I shouldn’t delete him right now… Lets give him a chance… And we kept talking by msn, and decided that we should meet personally…

And here we are with the reason I didn’t sleep the night before yesterday.

The men in general were, and some of them still are, really down on my concept and this one so… I really don’t know why didn’t I blocked him, but now I know it was the best thing I did. Not blocking him.

Life is such a surprises box.

So, we’ve decided to get a lunch together to know each other personally, it should have happened on tuesday, but for some reason he had to cancel it. I thought: GOOD! I don’t have to meet him! But then we’ve decide to get that meeting yesterday. And, from tuesday to yesterday I didn’t sleep. What was on my mind? “Everybody knows that the web is also a world of lies and anyone can be whatever wants online. Should I really meet him? Isn’t it dangerous? What will I do there? God, please, make something happen again that I don’t need to meet him.” Were my thoughts during the whole night.

Then, morning. I woke up and dressed me up to the concert I’d have after the lunch. And I went meet that guy that makes me feel like the prettiest woman in the earth. Yes he does… Even with all the silly things he told me on msn, he was making me feel like a beautiful woman. And yesterday I got why.

I’ll let you know about this guy, because he deserves to be talked about. You know when a man got caracter because you can see it in his eyes. And this guy has such a passion in his eyes that I must to say, it was one of the reasons why I didn’t block him on msn. He is a musician just like me. Not a classical musician, he’s a rock guitarrist, but I feel the same passion for music that flows in my veins flowing in his veins too. He is a sensible man. A man who knows what does he do. A decided man. He is a firm man that makes me feel safe, protected and warm. HE IS A GENTLEMAN. This one I make question to say again HE IS A GENTLEMAN! I don’t know about the other girls that have passed by his life, but I speak for myself, he knows how do value a woman.

He’s a man tied to family, which I admire so much, and also a man who works hard, which makes me admire him even more! He gets to be sweet and hot in the right proportion, which makes him perfect for a human being. Yeah…

If I’m in love with him? Oh no… that’s too early to say, I just know him for a week! But if you ask me, I dare say he is the kind of guy that I may have reluted in allowing him to come to my life, but now I’ll make everything at my reach to not allow him going away from my life.

You know, I was really so much afraid of taking the risk of meeting this guy… But sometimes in life we must be willing to take some small risks… IF I hadn’t decided for taking this one, I’m sure I would regret forever I’ve missed to know someone so special like him.

It was worth!


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