What if you could preview the future?

Have you ever felt like you’ve seen that movie before and that you knew precisely how that story would end up?

Well, I had that feeling lots of times, and if you think that it helped me to change the direction of the facts… What a mistake… No! Even you could really know how the story will end up, you’re not able to change a point of it, because the script is already written or, as the mulisms use to say: MAKTUB. THe things happen precisely on the way they must happen, and when we get make a change on history, it’s just because God allows to us to get some moments of improvisation.

Probably I’m just shouting a lot of foolishes, but this is just the way I’m feeling right now…

I lost the count of how many times I’ve tried, and I’m still and keep trying to write a different story for my life… But you know… It’s frustrating when you look ahead of your way and you see you can not avoid somethings to happen. Because sooner or later, in one way or another they will happen… And it’s just frustrating to know that it doesn’t matter if you can preview the future or not, you can not change anything from what is meant to happen…

Maybe that’s why God doesn’t allow us to see the future…


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