Just Another Day…

So… here am I more than bored, sad about the things that are happening at my hometown, tyring to think something interesting to post here and listening to @joshgroban. On the present circunstances of my mood I’d really like to not listen to him, but, for strenghts against my own will, I’m completely addict to him.

As usual I’m here, confined at my bedroom overthinking of life and my relationships with people and draining my brain to understand the life’s sense and all the things that only God knows. And just for change just forgetting to take a paper and note one by one of my questions to him! lol Yeah… my mood is quite weird today!…

Galileo from Josh’s new album Illuminations just started playing here now, and this is my second listening of the song… And for some reason it felt quite different from the very first time I’ve heard it and now I understand why this song is the favorite of so many grobies.

To say the truth I don’t have anything quite interesting to share with you, I’m just here letting flow my thoughts, because I need it somehow. It’s nothing so deep, nothing of any great effect, it’s just me. I’ve been spending time with someone really special I’ve met at the Symphonic Orchestra where I play… He’s lovely and I like him very much. Where this thing will lead me to? I have no idea… And this is something that gets me really scared. But it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten some feelings I keep deep inside my heart. Maybe it will never change and I must confess, it hurts me for some moments… Perhaps because it’s natural of us try to keep the control of our lives and not allow to God act… Especially when anxiety is one of our most stronger traits of personality… =/

So… this is it… Just another day waiting for something I don’t know what is… trying to find and understand the life’s sense under the God’s purpose… Just being and feeling weird…

Ha ha… you know? For some moments it really sounded funny a lot!!!!!!!!


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