The Auction of Love

The Auction of Love

It came a time when the humanity have got so rich materially that peoples have forgotten what the feelings used to be. They could have anything they wished for that money could buying, but although that, they noticed a huge lack in their lives.

Since the auction of rare things used being a tradiction then, the humanity councils have decided on a great meeting research about feelings and get them back one by one, to make the greatest auction that peoples have seen in the whole human history!

So, they looked after joy,wich wasn’t too hard of finding, because some peoples still invested in pleasant gardens on their houses, even they now always remembered what were those places made for. Then they’ve got catching a piece of joy from the birds singing at the springtime.

The second feeling they looked for was the freedom. Peoples had everything, but they lived in fear because of jealousy and envious persons. They couldn’t walk freely on the streets, afraid that someone would come and attack them to stole what they had.

And the same happened feeling after feeling… The humanity council have got recovering the remembrance of  one by one of all the good feelings, but while they were doing it, with time the haunting was getting even more difficult.

So it came the time of the faith, confidence, trusting, friendship and love. Those ones were the harder ones to get recover, after all, everyone of them depended of the love to coexist. Peoples didn’t know what was friendship, a true friendship, anymore for a long, long time,because if they wanted some company, they just payed for it, without needing get any deepest involvement with anyone.

And when they finally have got recovering all of feelings, they marked the day for the big auction. Peoples were so curious to see how looked like those rare things they didn’t remember of even hearing of. Then it came the long expected day and, as the peoples from that time didn’t know that those finest preciousities couldn’t be bought with money, they have tried to find an alternative way of payment for them.

So, bit by bit, peoples were getting the feelings back, first was the joy, then the freedom, and one by one, untill that came the love’s turn. Thousand of offers were raised for that one, that was the most precious of those rares fines. Everybody wanted purchasing it: Imagine! The one who could get bringing the love to home would be the most rich person of the humanity!

But, when nobody expected, a very humble, the simpliest one that have attended to that auction, lifted up his voice and raised an unexpected offer:

– I give my life.

The auctioner didn’t understand the affirmative and repeated the last offer, so the Man said it again:

– I give my life!

And the auctioner couldn’t ignore it again, and then questioned curious:

– I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t understand what do you mean. What do you offer your life for?

– For the love.

-That’s not possible, gentleman! We’re on an auction here, you can not offer your life for a piece.

-So I have a deal to propose you: Answered the Man. I give you my life, but the love must be shared between every human being. And with no restrictions abut race, age, culture or nation.

So the auctioner thought and thought… And still without understanding, replied:

-Sir, I don’t see any advantage in that deal; neither for you neither for me. What’s the sense of that proposal?

-The human’s happiness. Said the Man.

-Happiness? Asked the auctioner.

-This is the feeling you’ve forgotten to find. You’re so blind searching for it desperately, that don’t know the right way to reach it.

-So, do you offer your life for the world’s happiness?


-And what would you gain doing it?


-Friends? How so?

-Peoples don’t have friends because they don’t know what is love.

-But we have the love here to give to a luckiest person!

-And I’m offering my life for it!

Then, the auctioner have consulted the auction’s organizaton team andthey have agreed in taking the offer.

-So, how do you think in paying with your life for the love?

-Take me to the highest moauntainof the city, and catch me on a cross up there. And may everybody sees, and knows that I’m doing it for them, for they get a real and true life. For all the eternity.

So they did right as the Man said, and that history was passed from generation to generation, from parents to children, and peoples have finally learned wich is the true love.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Niterói, May 2, 2010.

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