The Girl In the Mirror.

The girl in the mirror…

I don’t like that one I see in the mirror right now… she is young, but the heart is drained… Exhausted of so much dreaming… trying to reach an ilusion she always knew didn’t mean to be hers… But why did she insisted even knowing that? Because she got drops of things that have shown her it could be possible… Drops of words that have given her some hope that it could be reality someday… And she never asked for those words.

That girl in the mirror feels stupid and dump.

Because there’s nothing around but only silence and critics of peoples laughing at her feelings. And she tries desperately to change that situation, she does everything at her reach, meet new peoples, makes new friends… but she isn’t successful… She screams but isn’t heard. She cries, but nobody is near to dry her tears. She tryies to get out of that sadness, she tries to look around and don’t act like a selfish girl, but the heart is hurting so much and the pain is too huge that she gets blind. She listens peoples saying the truth all the time to her… But the heart just says something else… She feels lost.

The time is stoped. The silence resounds absurdely painful. 


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