Reality x Dream

Reality x Dream

What is reality? What is dream?

Gosh!!! That’s a hard question to answer when you’re caught between the both worlds…

The dream is everything that belongs to your soul, all the good things you wish most of reaching, it’s all the beauty you can see inside yourself and you wanna share, spread it around the world. The dream is your scape route when the things in your reality get too bad that you feel completely hopeless… This is dream. The dream is everything that you feel you need believing to survive on this chaotic world… But you know and are perfectly conscient that dreams not even come true, that they’re just projections of your own idealizations, they’re only ilusions, nothing else but sand castles that will be gone with time… It’s pretty hard assuming it, but that’s the truth.

The reality is everything you can see and touch, and to this world belong all your responsabilities, the peoples that convive with you daily, the ones you hate or love, your conquerings and failures… The reality is made of the material world, concret things that for seeing and touching them you know they’re real, they are there and from there they won’t get out.

The reality is where you are. The dream is where you wanna arrive to.

But… If you’re a dreamer, can you change your essence to get adapted to the reality?… I’m not pretty sure of that… Believe me, I’m trying hardly to forget about my most precious dream. The thing I wanna so deeply to get, that I’ve been spending all my strenghts and my best efforts trying to reach it, for over 2 years… Something that gave me a supernatural inspiration to fight for it untill I drain my last resource, even knowing that my chances to get it are too remotes and small…

Yes… I’m trying to forget it. I’m trying to forget it because I know the difference between drema and reality… Or at least I used to know… I’m trying everything to forget about my dream, because I’m too scared that the reality hurts me again. I’m trying to convince to myself that dreams don’t come true because the reality taugh me that. Because my and everybody’s concept of reality is that one that someting is only real if you can see and touch it.

So, then we get to the point where the faith comes into action. Isn’t the faith the firm foundation of the things you wait for, and the proof of the things you can’t see? Isn’t the faith that moves us ahead, believing that we can get a better world? Isn’t the dream the meal to faith? And… Isn’t the faith the concret proof of the love?

So, what is the true reality? The things you can see and touch, or the things your heart knows are real by faith?

Answer it, if you can.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Niterói, January 12, 2010.


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