The Power of the Friendship

The Power of the Friendship
"My love, the distance may do this to the hearts… But we’ll be fine. We’re together, aren’t we?
We are friends."
And can you wish for a love stronger than this one? The friendship is what keep the peoples alive when the life’s storms sounds that will never end. It is the first step to build an everlasting love. It’s what keep the peoples around the world united not matter their ethnies, colors, beliefs or cultures.
The true friendship is the most pure and genuine manifesting of God’s love. Jesus said that friend is the one able to give the life for the friends and that we would be His friends if we were able to follow His teachings and orders and His order is that we love each other just like He loved us.
The true friend isn’t just for the happy times. We just know the true and good friend when the times get really though and we think that there’s no way to go ahead. Then those ones who are truly our friends come and walk with us not only one or two miles, but ten, fifty, how many miles may we need.
The true friend is the one who isn’t affraid to say the truth when you need to hear it. IS the one who, no matter how much may the reality be heavy to face, the friend calls you to it and help you to face it by your side.
The true friends are known just in the painful times, for, when the life’s sun shines again and the happiness comes, it may be shared wich who really deserves to sing our victories with us.
Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Niterói, September 9th, 2009.

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