Forgive Me

Forgive Me
Forgive me…
When the shadows of the doubt get obscure my heart,
And the darknwss of the fear get blind my eyes…
That doesn’t mean that I don’t trust in you!
Or that I don’t believe that my dream is true.
Forgive me…
If the sadness of my reality get me down,
When I look around me and can’t see any solution…
When everything that I have to meal is just an ilusion…
That I lovely care, and it’s all that get comfort me…
Forgive me…
If the anxiety doesn’t let me in peace
And make me wonder if you’ll really love me someday…
Because miracles like that don’t happen every days.
And is so much incredible that I really could reach it!
But please, love, trust me,
My love for you is loyal
All that I want is to be beside you, no matter how…
And to be sure that you in my life is truly real.
Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Niterói, July 30th, 2009

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