Grace and Forgiveness

Grace and Forgiveness

Those are, I guess, the greatest of the virtues that the human being may reach. Because they are divine. The grace and the forgiveness are the supreme manifestation of God’s love in Jesus Christ. To love is to be willing and ready to give your life in favor of those ones that don’t deserve, and if needed, untill die for them: This is GRACE. To forgive is across the pain, no mattering how much it is hurting your soul, and to be willing to rebuild broken relationships.

Who did say that this is easy? Noway!!! That is nothing easy, but our greatest example, even being God, gave His own life for you and me, for we could learn with Him in the practice how do we must to act with the peoples around us. To die or make something good for peoples that love us is easy. I would say that is our very own undertake to be ready for that in any circunstance. But, try to make something good for someone that have hurted our hearts… Try to make happy someone that have made you feel the unhappiest person of the earth?! That requires so much courage and bravure.

Have you experienced to forgive somebody? In the first moment that may be the worse pain that you may feel in your soul. But I can tell you, that pain will make you strong. It will make you strong for you give strenghts for who needs you in any moment of your life. But don’t think that you’ll get it from one moment to the other. And again I say: That is not easy! But it isn’t impossible.

And those are the secrets of the life. The true secrets of the wisdom of to live. For have a real life of quality, no mattering how much money you have or if you have the finest material things. You need first to try to reach the virtues, because they will lead you to the best way to convive well with God, with yourself, and with the peoples around you. Like this you’ll get a good and plen life, finding the grace, the forgiveness, the faith, the hope, the peace, the friendhsip, the freedom, the joy, the patience, and all them are united in the greatest of all virtues, that is the God’s character and essence: THE LOVE.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Niterói, July 29th, 2009.


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