Silent Music

Silent Music
The music isn’t only the sound’s perfection.
It’s the harmony that there’s between colors and songs:
In landscapes and scenes that the nature presents,
In the feeling and every well that the life means.
In the sincrony of the birds wings
There’s music, dicting every measure.
And even who never ever listened may feel it
When the life,pulsing strong in the chest says:
– I am here!
In the tears that fall for love…
In every comforting embrace…
When the pain is so hard…
When hearts are united in one
There is the music, present in that warm.
In the night’s silence, when stars shine kindly
Its poetry invade the soul and pack it so softly
The life and love that pour out of the chest
From those who vel the everybody’s sleepy in silent care.
In the splendor of creation…
In the colors beauty in expansion…
In the heart’s pulsing…
Reign the silent music, with its sublime perfection!
More than listen: it’s needed to feel!
Because the music is much more than sound’
s harmony:
Music is life and the life is music
Vibrant, evident in the rythm of colors, images and songs.
Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Created: Niterói, October 29th, 2003.
Translated: Niterói, July 18th, 2009. 

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