“Finding Neverland”

Finding Neverland
Current mood:  sad
Category: Life
This week the world have lost one of the greatest names of the music’s contemporary history. I didn’t know, but now I must to say that we’ve lost perhaps the sweetest human being of the earth. By the very first time I’ve heard the Michael Jackson’s voice and words, and aw, God! What did they do with him?

We’ve lost someone that could be the familiars values voice, we’ve lost a lovely dad, we’ve lost an inocent and pure heart. We’ve lost someone that had in his hands power of to make some difference in this world, and have made it so much as he could. But the press didn’t remember it when he was alive. Why didn’t they see it?

Why it was needed that he died for the world understand the lonely and sad man? WHy did have he to die, for the press see all the absurds they talked about him? Tell me, why do we preffer to believe in lies and to refuse to see what really matters in this life?

Why do we forget about the love? Why do we forget about the faith? Why don’t we care about  the touch and aboutour families anymore?… Why are we so blind to see that we are destroying ourselves, our world, everything so precious that we have in our hands? Michael was trying to say it to us, and nobody wanted to listen his voice… And I’ve never knew that!…

Michael Jackson is gone. But I wanna make of my voice an echo of his voice saying again that the families need to touch themselves, need to sleep in the same bed and take a good and warm milk cup with cookies; reading tales together, listening music together, playing and having fun together, staying together and being united.

But the world have forget about that. We’re lost from ourselves. And he was just trying to say it to us. There’s no place for the innocence and the purity in this coward and blind world. The money is most important tah the feeling, than the relationships… To have is most important than to be. That is a shame!!! Michael with his death have shown to the world that he could spend how much money he wished to spend, but nothing could change who was he in his soul. And it was what the world didn’t understand.

I’m just sad because I didn’t have chance to know him as he was. But I’m happy to see that I’m not alone screaming for the rescue of our families.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Niterói, June 28th, 2009.

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