Winter’s Day

12:40 pm… It’s a calm and thoughtful winter’s day. Yesterday was an odd day to the music history. We’ve lost one of the greatest pop music icons: Michael Jackson. For every musician it was a big and meanful lost. It’s impossible deny that Jackson will leave forever his mark in the music history.
It’s a peaceful day… I’m listening the song that inspired me to write a chronical about the death. Deep reflection… Once again I think about the wise’s words… and find out how much we never pay attention to the things that really matters. Everybody runs away from things that remind us sadness and I ask: Why not to face the sadness, the death, the things that bring us pain and tears? After all, are theu that make us grow up, make us strongers to face the life’s challenges. And once again I say: is in the though moments that we can stop everything and look inside us and find our best to offer to the peoples around us.
Not even we get to face the reality with that vision, specially when the sadness let us blind and the pain looks that will never pass away… But, as anything in this ephemeral life, it pass…
And now, with tears in my eyes, even don’t being a huge Michael Jackson’s fan, I could never leave to let registered my sincere feelings for him, for his family, children and fans. Who could understand his lonely heart? Who could really look deeply inside his eyes and see his young and sad soul?
What the showbusiness, the media, and almost everybody have forgotten is that, althought Michael be a very, very talented and the brightest pop star, he was human, and when you are in the media focus all the time, is impossible you get find peace for yourself, because whatever you do or leave to do will have some impact, positive or negative, to someone. He wasn’t respected in his private life, just like Lady Di. He had his troubles just like anyone may have! He was human!!! He had that righteousness… But the media always became his troubles in a reason to critic him… And all that he needed was to be understood and loved.
I hope he may found love in God’s arms…
The life is short. But the art endure forever. And I’m sure, Michael will be remembered for his music and talent, and I hope the peoples respect his memory for that.
Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Niterói, June 26th, 2009.

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