The Love’s Responsabilities

The Love’s Responsabilities


Love is commitment. Happy are those who know exactly what does mean that. You don’t need a paper, or titles or formalities to keep your commitment with someone. If there’s love in your heart for that person, your actions will speak up. And the person will know that thje love is real and true, no matter the distance. If the love is true, the commitment comes from the heart, not from the words.

When the love is true, no matter how busy you are, you’ll always find some way to give atention to the beloved person. Because your commitment comes from, your love for s/he. And you don’t need any "status of relationship" to do that. You simply do it. This is the true commitment. Even that you don’t say that you are dating someone, if you are willing to dedicate your first thought of the day to someone, is because your heart is commited with that person.

Love is a together effort. To build a lasting relationship depends from two persons. Otherwise, is a platonic passion. Happy are those who are able and willing to spend time with someone, even that this time be so short and fast. The small affection gestures are the greatest secret to build a lasting relationship, even that the future brings so many inassurances. When the commitment and the cumplicity are united, no matter how many uncertain moments may the distance brings to the hearts, the love will survive because the both parts are acting together to make it last. And that is commitment.

And where there’s commitment, there’s faithfulness, there’s confidence, there’s comprehension, dedication, and all those things are essentials to build a true love. The love based in the friendship and cumplicity have more chances to survive the time, the distance and anyother adversity than a relationship based in words and formalities.

When someone is willing to keep a relationship althought the distance and the inassurances that are naturals of this kind of relationship, and is conscient about what does mean every word of the phrase "I love you"; so, that person really knows the true love, and is able to build a relationship that will last for so many time. And knows that a commitment is not made from promises, but from actions that will always keep the beloved person conscient that this love will not change from the night to the day, but can survive to the life’s winds of change.

Because to love is change together. Is grow up together. Is to face difficulties and bad moments together. Is to think together. Not to think from the same way. It’s, even thinking different, be able to disagree without to offend. Is to be able to, thinking different, get to look in the same direction. And only get that who wishes reach and keep the cumplicity of the relationship.

The love is not only a feeling. It’s a decision impregned of passion; it’s a choice that may change completely the someone’s life. It’s make from moments, but, for who wants make the love last, is needed to assume every responsability that to say "I love you" requires.

If you are conscient about every one of those love’s aspects, if you know exactly what you are saying when you say that you love someone; so, congratulations! You are one of the happiest peoples of the earth! Because you know that to love is to assume a responsability with someone’s heart, and if you are really willing to assume that responsability, you run the serious risck to be blessed with the most pure and sublime love that somebody can find, and to find someone really willing to make you happy so much as you are willing to do it.

I am one of those happiest persons. Are you?


Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros.

Niteroi, March 23rd, 2009


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