Somewhere over rainbow

Now I understand why this arrangement always touched and touches so deeply my soul… It’s because this guy sang with his soul.


Yesterday I was wondering about the death while I was listening this song… How the human being have fear about this word… But it is only one door closing behind us and leading us to a new reality, unknown to us, but still this a new reality.

And why don’t talk about the death? Why are we always fleeing from the everybody’s fate? This is a good question to think about. It’s impressive how ephemeral is the life… We are like a flower that springs at the morning and at night doesn’t exist anymore… The human life is so fragile… And so amazing and wonderful at the same time…

We born from only one cell, that multiplies itself and grow… So I stare the universe… And I wonder about the God’s power… He has everything in His hands… And cares about every detail, about every little thing that happen in the whole universe… Nothing can scapes from His mighty control… Specially our last sigh…

 And I make mine the psalmist words that asks: What is the man, Lord, for you care about him? I really don’t know answer this question. All that I know, is that everything is perfect and happens in the right time. Even that we can’t understand. Even that we can’t accept the things as they are. Even that they bring us some sad moments… Everything is perfect. Even the death.

 Maybe that’s why the wise said once time: Is better to be in a place where there is sadness and tears, because there we can find the life’s sense. And I come back to my thought about the melancholy and the sadness: is throught them that we can find inside us what we have from better in our souls. So we can understand the life’s sense:

Everything is perfect. Even the death.


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