Peace and Hope

Peace and Hope

The summer is almost over, the sky is grey and a soft breeze is blowing out there… Althought the terrible phase that I’m living, moments when is almost impossible to find some solution to the troubles, my heart is in peace.

And what is peace?

Peace is the hability to smile althought the troubles. You have peace when you can dance, and laugh, and rejoice even that everything sounds to be lost. You are in peace when the world around you is falling down and you can trust in the hope that everything will be fine. May the world fail, may the darkness cover your heart, may the war burn in every place; you’ll still smile and say: it’s all right.

The true peace can be found in the most uncertain situations. The true peace is that one that keep you happy when the times are bad. The true peace is that one that keep you giggling and having fun when you have only reasons to cry. The true peace is GOD saying to you: "Don’t be affraid. I am with you." And you trust completely in that hope.

The peace is like a bird, resting so quietly in the nest, arounded by a terrible storm. And the bird doesn’t fear the thunders. It knows that the storm will not endures for too many time. It will pass soon, so there’s no reason to be affraid.

To face the life’s challenges, is needed to find hope. Finding hope, you’ll reach the peace that will comfort your heart when you feel that there’s no way to get out of the suffering, and that peace will show you that there’s always hope over the shadows, and that there’s always peace in the middle of the storm.

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Release date: 2004-05-25

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