Winds of Change

The life isn’t simple… Or maybe it is, but we make question to complicate everything… I love someone. But he lives in another country. I have already wondered about to go to where he is, but I forgot some essentials details. May I have nothing keeping me where I am. But his country wouldn’t open the arms to me exactly for that reason. In my romantic mind, I could simply get my passport, and get some job and try to build my future by his side, but I’ve forgoten how many things I have to across untill get to be with him.

Troubles every relationship has… No matter from what size… In the life absolutely nothing is easy. To me, as if the distance wasn’t difficultity enough, there’s the difference of politicies, laws, culture, people’s thoughts… So, I ask myself: Will I get stay with my love? Will I?… I must to confess that I am so much afraid about the life’s changes. Now I can understand, and maybe agree with the song that says:

"If I could make this moment endless

If I could stop the winds of change"…


I, once time, said that I didn’t fear the winds of changes, but now… Right now that I hope have found my last love, my love for my whole life, how I wish that those winds never arrived to my life… But I simply can’t stop the winds of change. So, all that I hopeis that they keep their direction to my favor, changing the things for the best and bringing my love to me.




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