Make it last!

How to make a love last forever.

Relationships are my favorite subject… Specially those ones builded by love. I use to say that the love is a daily choice. To live by someone’s side requires responsability, comprehension, dedication, to know forgive and ask forgiveness, assume the mistakes, after all nobody is perfect, and try to do the things better, and keep trying even when they don’t work as we expect.

I still believe in the love and that it can last forever. Because it requires make choices all the time and in every moment to endures. We can make a love last forever when we are willing to accept the peoples as they are, and to help them when they need and ask their help when ourselves need some help too. We can make a love last forever when we are able to just listen, good things, bad things… Sometimes all that the peoples need is just to be heard… We can make a love last forever when we don’t fear look in the eyes. The most important thing in a relationship is to look in the eyes. They say absolutely everything about ourselves and are the first way to get know someone’s soul and to show how much you can love that person.

We can make a love last forever when we know to respect the other’s space. When even that it can cause some unassurances in our hearts, and make us to loose the faith for some moments and feel that we’ll never can have the loved person by our side again, we are able and willing to let s/he free, with the hope that s/he will come back for us someday simply because s/he loves us so much as we love s/he. I, better than anyone can say that, because I’m living this.

I must to say that is really so hard to me don’t be calling every moment for who I love, or in this case, write everytime, and wait patiently for his answers to everything that I write to him, but act like this, is an essencial part of the confidence that I have in who I love. To trust is to let free. Letting free is to keep captive by the love. Let the beloved person free is make s/he feels wish to come back for you because s/he loves you too. Is it easy??? Speaking like this untill sounds the most easy thing to put in practice, but no!!!! That is the most difficult part of the love! I don’t know make someone that I love so much feels completely free… Nobody gets do it like it must to be made. I just try to keep that in my mind, because I know that this is one of the most important secrets to make a love last forever, but I assume, I don’t get do it as I should do. But I’ll keep trying.

For to make a love last forever, is very, very important to know that neither you, neither the other person are perfect. The secret to build a love for the whole life is to learn to convive harmoniously with the differences, be those differences from opinion, habits, costumes, cultures, thoughts… That is another difficult thing to put in practice, but to be a difficult thing doesn’t mean that is an impossible thing to live.

Finally, there’s not a recipe to make a relationship last forever, but trying to follow some simple steps, it’s possible to build it bit by bit. Because the life is made from moments, and we’ll never can preview the future, but we can build the future making good choices with every moment that is gifted to us.

Clara Maria Cristina Borges de Medeiros
Niteroi, March 1st, 2009


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