The day has gone, melancholy, cold, but there’s nothing better than a good friend, someone to talk and go to some place to distract the mind. Good friends are always a heaven’s gift when our hope is giving signs to fail. And what could be better than listen someone whe yourself are sad? What could be better than you see that even when you feel bad, you can help someone and like this get help yourself?

Peoples need one each other and it’s impossible survive in this world alone. Even the celebrities have their weaknesses, moments when they feel bad, or unhappy, althought can have anything that the money can buy. But the money can’t buy those treasures that some commons peoples have, like a united family, a good love, faithful friends… I’m not saying that they simply don’t have, they have yes, but to them it’s most hard to find… No matter how much money you have, the most important is WHO you are, and who you have around you.

Even the celebrities cry, get worried with somethings, they are human like anyone of us. And also they wish for good friends. Who would be willign to hear them? Anyone could do it… Everybody needs someone to trust, to confident… Every people needs some company when the day is grey and the rain doesn’t get away…

Why am I talking about celebrities? I don’t know… Maybe because they are commons peoples like you and me… They also feel sad, have their fears, can be happy with small good things… And because you never know when they can read what you write… Or better yet! You never know when they can answer you… From one way or other…


Currently listening:
Awake Live CD/DVD
By Josh Groban
Release date: 2008-05-06

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