My most new and loved friend.

Some thoughts about the last 2 days…
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I couldn’t leave to post here some thoughts about my experience meeting Mr. Ryan Cross in his visit to here in Brazil. I am really so glad for to know this great musician, very special, I must to say, wich who I’m having the great pleasure to share a little bit of my life, presenting to him my most dearest friends here and leading him to visist places really very, very importants to my heart.

I’m so sorry for make him walk around the city so much, but I’m sure he liked what did he see!!!! It’s really an amazing honor to show him my country, my culture and my home, and to play with him!!! And the best: I had a cello class with him!!!! It was PEEEEERFECT!!!!! lol

When you see that simple guy, you can’t have any idea about the weight of his talent, and I must to say, I’m so proud to be his friend and to give him a tiring tea showing the beauty of my city. I just hope that he forgive me for that (the tiring tea)!!!! lol!!!

Ryan, I don’t have any word to describe how much special have been to be with you in this time, and I hope that when you go back to your home, you have always the best memories of the friends that you got here. We’ll always keep you in our hearts, specially I, and your friendship is such a heaven’s gift to me!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


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