My Heart Belongs to You

My Heart Belongs to You
Current mood:  loved
Category: Writing and Poetry
My Heart Belongs To You
My world and my life are so distant…
Far from the reach of your sweet voice,
But my heart, loved, keeps a care so pleasant:
My promess that you’ll be my forever choice.
And althought you don’t know me…
Still that you never know me…
My love will be eternally yours.
Because you are my choice.
I’ll naver change it,
Even that the life get me away
Than I am from you now…
Dream of my heart, and Beloved of my soul…
My heart belongs to you.
And when the success and the fame has gone,
I’ll be here, no matter what happen
Even my world and my life be so far from you,
I’ll be there, so near of your heart.

Currently listening:
Josh Groban
By Josh Groban
Release date: 2001-11-20

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