The Beauty of The Silence

The Beauty of The Silence

A whole world of sounds, motors noise, mobiles ringtones screaming all at the same time, dings for every side… Althought be possible to find music in all tha madness, even a musician knows how to appreciate the silence.

No only the sounds are essentials to compose a simphony. The silence is so precious like them. The silence brings the breath to start a new phrase of the melody, is the pause to reflection about the thoughts that the music contains. The silence is the union between the song’s colors.

The silence is the secret to get hear the nature sounds, is the key to find the heart’s pulsation that conduct all the life’s harmony. Is the way to listen the God’s voice in our souls.

It is the music felt so deep, so touching, so silent. It’s the love’s whisper inviting us to stare the awesome life’s miracle, in every child’s giggle, emotion tears, in every family embrace…

This is the life’s simphony, and the silence is the conductor that make us hear it and feel it with every small piece of our hearts.


Currently listening:
Josh Groban
By Josh Groban
Release date: 2001-11-20


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