Faith and Love

Faith and Love

We live days where all that cares is just the appearances, if we have mountains of money, a car of the year, if we wear the last fashion clothes, where the to have is most important than to be. There’sa no palace for the purity, for the dreams, for the kindness and for the really important things, those ones so simple, but good enough to make someone happy.

There’s no place to trust in the people just by their word, there’s no place to stop and hear someone crying and sit down by its side and look in the eyes and make the people feels that is loved… There’s no place for the children kidding at the streets. The fear and  loneliness are domainning the human’s heart.

Where is the joyfull music? Where is the kid’s giggle? Where is the make believe? Where is the life’s magic? Where are the faith and the love?

I prefer keep in mind that we just receive back whatever we give. If you are kind with the peoples around you, they will be kind with you. If you are always ready to listen and help them, never will fault someone to listen and help you too whenever you need.


The life is a big mirror from our actions. That’s why the great secret to get live is to love. Love each other just like Jesus loved us. Love the peoples even that they hurt us. Love them althought everything. And keep loving and believing that the love is the only way to get change the society. It’s the only way to win the violence and the cruelty that reign in our current days. The love is the only way to reach the justice and the peace that we dream of so much.

If we love, so we’ll not lie, we’ll not hurt, and even if we hurt, we’ll be able to ask forgiveness and to forgive too, and there will not be place for the hate, the violence, the cruelty, the hipocrisy, or sadness, or loneliness, or death.

If we find the true love, that one that moves the world, or, at least should do it, beginning in us, so fnally we’ll have the world that we dream of and we’ll be happy. And to do it, we need faith. The faith and the love are the most importat thing to the human survivance. Only keep alive those ones who acrossed the troubles loving and believing that everything is possible if you give your best.

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