Sweet Melancholy

Sweet Melancholy

When the peoples listen the word melancholy, they imediately think about depression or sadness, but I think in something else… The melancholy helps us to look into our souls and to find what we have from better inside us. At least is like this with me.

I can find the most pretty colors in my heart when I’m melancholy. I use to be more sensitive, and feel more deeply the things around me. I can touch the sound of my most favorite songs, and see so clearely their colors and shine… It’s such to touch the sunset… So warm, so soft…

Everyone sees the sadness like a bad thing, but I’ve learned to become it my friend and a good companion. When we are sad, we get find inspiration, we can see the true colors of the soul… When we are melancholy, we can find the secret garden that we have inside our hearts, with every roses, daisies, jasmines, orchideas adn the most beautiful flowers that someone can imagine, all of them inside our souls.

Then, there’s nothing too bad in the life that may not have some good side to look and learn. Even when we guess that everything is lost, always there will be shinning a spark of hope and joym no matter if the melancholy is spreaded in your heart, as a white and cold winter snow… There will be always a bright and colorful light, like a rainbow song, as the melancholy will become the most sweet and inspiring companion to the sensitive hearts.




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