Freedom and Friendship

Freedom and Friendship

There’s somethings so precious to the humanity, but they are being forgotten in our current days… Home, love, family, friendship, freedom, compassion, mercy, loyalty, faithfulness… Today I wanna talk about freedom and frienship.

Some peoples face the freedom as the righteousness of to do anything to wish, but not even remember that the greatest secret to get the truly freedom is to have responsability and respect to the others. That also is the key of the good and solid friendships.

The human relationships are so fragiles, we need to use masks every days to face the falsity, and get survive in this competitive society… So, in some moments of good conscience, we desire the freedom to be who we really are. Without masks, without farces, without pretend to be what everyone hopes that we must to be… We dream of the freedom to be just ourselves.

And when we leave by side every masks, we get look in the eyes of the people like us, and to face their weaknesses and understand them. We are free to love each other simply as they are. And like this we get build solid relationships and good friendships.

And this is the other human treasure that I wanna talk about. As I said before, we live in a wild and competitive world, disguised of civilization, where to survive we need pretend almost all the time. There’s no way to deny that. It’s a fact! Venturouses are those ones who get outdo all this and keep the good character, and, above all, the sincerity in their relationships.

Every people dream of freedom and good friends. It’s a human basic necessity. So all we must to do is to leave any mask or society charges and be who we truly are, and build our relationships based in sincerity, truth, loyalty and, above all: love.



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