Bad men…

The people really don’t know how to cultive a good relationship today… They forget how important is share the feelings, even that we can’t look in the eyes… I know, the words aren’t enough to translate the soul of someone, but even the virtual touch is a blessing if you give the right value to the people that you know throught the internet.

But not everyone can understand that… Even the virtual smiles, tears, and shared experiences have their value…

But specially the men, don’t understand what does mean that… No, they don’t understand… They don’t know read between the lines… If they did, they would be able to know when every phrase is sincere or not. They could understand that, althought the distance hurt the hearts sometimes, it’s not reason for left who we love without news, or at least to say how much they’re important to us.

But the men don’t mind with those things… No, they don’t. The love isn’t important to them… No, it isn’t. Because if it was really important, theyt would knoe that to love someone is a way of 2 directions, that for you be loved, you must to love in the same intensity and to have the same care with the loved person. But the men don’t understand that… If they were able to understand, they would make anything to keep their relationships, be from far, be from near, they would treat their girls with the same care that they have with them.

I don’t know if I have rage, or compassion… I really have no idea…


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