Romantismo Urbano

Urban Romantism

Noise, mad trafic, full up streets, restless people running to every side… Is it possible to see poetry in a too big town? The answer is: Of course!!! Specially if the city in matters is Rio de Janeiro.

How pretty are the old buildings architeture in the city’s center. There’s no comparison to the enchant of the Municipal Theatre and of the National Fine Arts Museum… The beaches are inspiration founts to the most variated kind of artists, since poets, untill unforgetable musicians.

How can not see poetry in the eyes of that carioca people, joyful and worker, and in those streets that tell romantic love stories since the Emperor’s times untill the current days?

Rio… Splendored town at the autumn’s sunset, and even between the rushed end of day, this wonderful city keep the thousand enchants that captive not only its native children, but also foreigns that have come from the most remote places!

And in this Sea’s Sinus, the Guanabara pour out itself throught suspires for the music that the boats make to resound in the imensity, while the poetry that emanate from a young romantic heart involves the city, keeping it in the soul, like a bird shelt under its wings the little birds, so tenderly and lovely.

The Rio isn’t only from Janeiro, it’s a giant Rio, fabulous and enchanter the whole year, and that will be forever the Wonderful City, because there’s a God in heaven that cares with a so special care of that people that love the life and take shelter under the Redeemer Christ’s wings, who won the death to give the true life to the habitants of that so enchanter city that will be eternal in too many hearts.


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