Four Seasons of the Soul

The Four Seasons of The Soul


So clear and light… So joyful and bright… There’s lots of birds flying so freely in the blue sky singing a gourgeous and melodious song… Happy moments, lead us contents throught so calm ways and with sparkles of life shinning around every side… Like this is the soul when we are happy, and when the things are going well…


So seren and calm, silent… Preparing the heart to the cold winter, whispering that it will not be eternal, and that some day the spring will come… Season of the fruits and of the sleepy of the trees… When they are keeping some strenght to face the cruel and heartless winter… Those are the moments when we close down in our silence, and reflect about our lives…


Ah, the winter… Sometimes sounds that it will kill us… The sadness take each piece of our hearts and sounds that the darkness will never go away… But althought that the winter is so beautiful, with its white landscapes and with the wish of to warm each other with our own warm…


The spring come when its colors and pretty songs and sounds… With the flowers perfumes and the green landscapes!!!! It’s so perfect its call to the life and to the movement… The spring inspire us our most pretty feelings and wishes, like the most pure love and the most faithful hope that the best still is to come….

Currently listening :
By Secret Garden
Release date: 2005-03-08


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