To my beloved friends

Hi there, my friends!!!

Today is a special day for me, because I stopped to do something that I really love, else make music: I am writting for some friends… I keep this habit since my teenage, but now is still more special, because my friends aren’t only brazilians, but peoples around the world! And how I am blessed for have too many love from peoples that I’ve never saw their faces, but I know that they are there when I need, ready to read my confessions, my tears, my joys… And how much I am grateful to God for them!!!

Kathy, Amy, Ves, Kristin, Tom, Fabio, Anita, Aileen, Lexxa, Sally, Rosana, Rosaria, Josh, Gary, David, Jerry, Rio, aw my! I’m sure that I am missing a lot of names… Who else?… Carla!!! Of course!!! Marcela, Liz, Gaby… And my others brazilians friends, from Curitiba and Brasília, that with the time we lost the touch… Today I found some Christmas cards and cards that I received on my birthdays, and my journals and notebooks that I used to colect mensages and adresses… How can I say thanks for be so loved? It’s impressive how we can forget it so easely…

I am so happy and sometimes I forget it… How can I do it??? God have been so mercyful and careful with me that I have no way of don’t be grateful to Him for everything that happen in my life, and above all for He put in my life, peoples that I’ve never saw, and that I know, they love me as knew me for all the life…

Thank you from the deep of my heart! And Josh Groban, thank you for be the blessed instrument used by God to give me new friends around the world, peoples who I love so much and that I know that I can count with them whenever I need.

Dearest Friends! Thank you for be part of my life, and for be who you are!

Love you all! And forgive me if I missed to mention some name here… You all are so special for me!!!

Currently listening :
By Josh Groban
Release date: 2007-10-09

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