How much ironic is the life…

Yesterday at night, coming back to my home after the work I was rememering of a guy from the american army. I knew him on myspace throught the chat rooms… He is really a good guy, inteligent, kind, he showed to me one face of him that I’m sure, perhaps one or two peoples knows that his face. He loved me a lot, and I knew that. But he has a pretty strong that I never saw in some people. A melancholy guy…
I was remembering of him because he is youngest than me. And I rejected any possibility of a  relationship with him because that reason. Now, what I have in my hands???
Now I have my heart ready to be given to another guy, different from that, but yougest than me and shorter than me.
What do I mean with this?
I mean that you never must to say, or think that you’ll never accept something, or make something. Because you never know your future. When you say that you’ll never do something, you are trying to close a door, but in some moment of your life, that, that you said for many times that you would never do, or accept will happen with you.
And that things happen to make us humble, and kind, and ready to face the life as the best gift of God, knowing that all He makes is perfect and good, same that we can’t understand the things in the time that they happen. 

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